It is a wonderful gift and a fitting last act for me, so to speak that I have the great honour of being the President of the venerable and Iconic Simcoe Little Theatre.  Being a Simcoe born lad from a family that has been here a long time, I must say our family and oh so many friends and neighbours overwhelmingly agree that SLT was, is and always will be one of the most endearing and memorable experiences of our lives.  It took many theatre loving talented people of all walks of life and many more theatre loving patrons over many years to make SLT the gem that it is.  Hats off to you all.

This year we have already produced some excellent theatre enjoyed by young and old alike, like my granddaughter and I.  This could not happen however if it was not for those incredible volunteers taking on and giving so much with so much heart and dedication.  I personally wish to thank, our courteous ushers to our 'great thespians', the busy Board to the dynamic production staff, all of whom I wish I could name, each and every one, for they all deserve the recognition, and last but not least all of our patrons for their endless and dedicated support.

It is my 'Great Expectation' that we at SLT continue to aspire to sustain, improve the entertainment and the true 'theatre' last but very important, we are always looking to add new members to our great SLT family.  There are always positions to be filled, parts to be played, sets to be built, bookkeeping to be sustained and most important new friends to be made.  And yes we do need folks with practical, with creative talents, but remember, and it's true, believe me, you are never too old or too young to learn something new and more importantly rewarding.  Check it out!
A Message From Our President
33 Talbot Street North, P.O. Box 324
Simcoe, Ontario N3Y4L2
Simcoe Little Theatre @ 2018
SLT Proudly Supports Equality, Respecting Everyone's Uniqueness
Entirely volunteer-run, our mission is to joyfully create, with a feeling of pride, accomplishment and belonging, a first-rate theatre experience for people of all ages and abilities.
John Jaques